My Desktop Space

My desktop is arranged to be convenient and organized. I keep it uncluttered. I also wipe it down with disinfectant wipes frequently. I put programming books under the monitors, both to bring them up to eye level and align them with each other. The glasses under the secondary monitor are blue blockers (to save my eyes). I have two cable organizers (one is behind the headphones) which help out a lot. The white remote is for turning on an air conditioner at the moment, sometimes I hook up other devices to this remote powering thing. Of course, I have my clipboards, markers, and pens for some odd times where I feel the need to draw/sketch things.

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My Developer Machine

I started by buying a barebones kit from This kit was basically a case with just the motherboard, cooling system, RAM and PSU installed. There was no operating system on it. The kit was a popular one, with good ratings at the time, so I went with it. It cost $1000 CAN. After that, I was buying things off of other websites to complete and improve upon the build. My favourite source for computer parts is which has a lot of good deals. I typically stay with ASUS motherboards and use mainly Cooler Master components. For HDDs I like Western Digital Caviars; no particular liking of SSDs however. My  I will list my parts in detail.

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